In shrine-like installations, sculptures, and performances I explore the engineering of identity and socioeconomics. I am influenced by iconography and inscribed marks that hold remnants of erasure. To me these areas are filled with multifaceted cultural signifiers: territorial symbols, tags, altars/shrines, murals, and other esoteric residue. My intent is to honor and give new life to these signifiers.

I am interested in the idea of an object having a life of its own both through assigned and unassigned (cultural) practices.  Catholic ritual, Mesoamerican/indigenous practices, and Santeria influence me. However, in my practice I am creating my own rituals. I use the framework of the aforementioned practices to create self-prescribed rituals. I am visually and physically representing and changing icons, signs, and symbols that are associated to indigenous and colonial cultures. My rituals hope to open an entryway into conversations revolving around identity. I want to question the body, landscapes subjugations, and knowledge of self through archetypes/stereotypes. I want the viewer to become apart of the work through their physical presence, position, opposition, or self-recognition in the work presented.